The Enigma of Creation and Destruction

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For instance, what if biosystems such as cells and microorganisms have already invented quantum computing, actively monitoring their own internal states so that reflective consciousness of that fact and its meaning would become a peculiarly human experience? Johnjoe McFadden has conducted research and published the results relevant to this question, specifically on what he refers to as adaptive or directed mutation in such microorganisms as E.

Such work may lead to a paradigm shift in the scientific under-standing of the very engine of evolution itself.

The Decryption of the Enigma of the Existence of God (Part I)

At the very least, it implies the end of both religious fundamentalism and the doctrine of intelligent design, which creationists have regarded as a serious competitor against evolutionary theory as an explanation of the immense and magnificent variety of living forms, past and present, including Homo sapiens endowed with reflective consciousness, a late arrival on the evolutionary stage. However, as I have already noted, the demise of religious fundamentalism does not necessarily mean the abandonment of the numinous.

Indeed, a more profound scientific understanding of the origins and evolution of life can illuminate such ultimate questions as the emergence of mind and consciousness as well as the existence of God. The Jungian notion of the archetypes as timeless cosmic ordering and regulating principles serves as a depth psychological framing of such an insight. The Universe, Active Information, and Archetypes To approach such questions as those addressing the origins of life, the emergence of consciousness, and the existence of God, it will be necessary first to consider the information properties to be discovered in the development of matter itself, prior to the emergence of even the most primitive life forms.

Paul Davies has suggested that primitive life forms may have been fast-tracked to life by some sort of quantum mechanical process or search algorithm , Analogously, mind and consciousness emerge in biological systems that have evolved beyond a critical threshold of complexity and self-organization. Such outmoded concepts of God are something of a soft target for skeptics partly, I believe, because they omit treating the problem of the origins and emergence of life while having practically nothing to say about a possibly nontrivial role of quantum mechanical processes or computing in its genesis.

Such processes may be involved in evolving life from a prebiotic soup and in mutation. Strict neo-Darwinists may, of course, wish to postulate the existence of a principle analogous to natural selection as applying to the universe through backward extrapolation, so that states of matter which will eventually be fit for living organisms and consciousness somehow have an advantage.

However, such a principle would be little more than a petitio principii, and if used to describe the improbable conditions in a universe that permit sentient life forms, it would simply be a restatement of the anthropic principle as described, for instance, by Penrose And naturally, as Penrose has also pointed out, in an infinite universe eventually even the most improbable contingencies will sooner or later occur without the need to invoke an external designer-God or super Programmer to explain them.

The anthropic principle does not necessarily imply a universe evolving with humanity as a teleological goal. In its purely scientific formulation, this principle only states the conditions that are contingently necessary for the emergence of sentient life and consciousness. It does not address the possibility of a process or incarnational theology or archetypal psychology in which a numinous principle is implicit to the evolutionary process itself.

Thus it is possible to disentangle the notion of mind from that of consciousness which is an evolutionary emergent property in matter of such complexity and organization as that characteristic of the human brain. This notion is perhaps all the more shocking because it has been postulated by eminent physicists, not by theologians like Teilhard de Chardin or other scientific apostates.

Wolfgang Pauli, who formulated the famous exclusion principle and collaborated with depth psychologist C. Jung, expressed views similar to those of Bohm. Pauli wrote of the unconscious archetypes as cosmic ordering and regulating principles responsible for the patterned information and mathematical lawfulness to be found in the physical world. I shall discuss the contributions of Pauli and Bohm in more detail in chapter 3. Suffice it to say that their epistemological position on the mind-matter relation is that of a relationship of complementarity or dual-aspect monism.

However, such notions require further reasoned argument and connection with scientific facts, such as those concerning the origins of life and the possible quantum mechanical processes involved in the mutation of microorganisms and even consciousness. Could it be that a universe thus understood needs no proofs by contingency for the existence of God?

It is precisely science that makes the key point shine most brightly: the point that there is a fundamental respect in which ultimate intrinsic nature of the stuff of the universe is unknown to us — except insofar as it is consciousness. The most famous case study in science, prior to Freud, was published in in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society by the English surgeon William Cheselden, who attended Newton in his final illness. Since childhood I have been fascinated by holograms. The reason was the science fiction movie Star Wars and in I watched it for the first time.

Is math an invention of the human brain? Or does math exist in some abstract world, with humans merely discovering its truths? The debate has been raging since the time of the ancient Greeks. Billions of years ago, an iron nucleus forged in another galaxy was flung into space at close to the…. There's something beautiful about being together with a group of people whose main interest is understanding…. Most people know that they are backwards, reversing left and right sides,…. Imagine for a moment being in a church where mathematics groups meet regularly to solve geometry problems….

Over the past century, the total number of physicists has grown exponentially, as has the number of…. Allan Wallace we discuss consciousness, mathematics, practicing…. David Bohm was one of the most distinguished theoretical physicists of his generation, and a fearless challenger of scientific orthodoxy.

How did great mathematicians like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein make the leap from understanding basic mathematical concepts to answering fundamental questions about the Universe? It was on the edge of Berlin on July 14, , that science and spirituality came together in one of the most intellectually stimulating conversations in history. Philosophers, biologists, and barroom thinkers have all pondered one of the greatest mysteries of our…. Not any religion or cultural system. The existence of an ether — an all-pervading medium composed of a subtler kind of matter — has been taught by mystic philosophers throughout the ages.

When we ask ourselves why we think time exists, most of us would say: because we see everything changing, always.

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In our everyday life, time flows in one direction—forward. When you put a frozen pizza in the hot oven, the pizza heats up. When you knock a coffee mug off a table According to Ervin Laszlo, the coherence of the atom and the galaxies is the same coherence that keeps living cells together, cooperating to form life. When a complex system made up of many interacting parts is operating, sometimes an unexpected jump to. Looking back, that video was the starting point of my self-awakening journey. For well over a century, scientists have been wrestling with what quantum mechanics has been revealing to us about fundamental reality.

Quantum mechanics is known for its strangeness, from cats being dead and alive at the same time, to….

What does the Bible say about advanced civilizations?

This essay is about a shocking contradiction in our common sense about the nature of reality; a contradiction that you are probably totally unaware of. Becoming aware of this contradiction has the potential to change your life. If you were to stand outside the universe—outside both space and time—and look at your life, you would see your birth, your death and every moment in between laid out as distinct points.

Most of my life was spent as a materialist. I regarded physical matter as the basis of reality. From matter emerged biological organisms such as humans, which developed brains, and out of the brain emerged consciousness. Time is a contentious topic in physics. Others, such as Carlo Rovelli, hold that it arises as a secondary effect of deeper quantum processes. Harvard-trained physician Mauro Zappaterra describes the embryonic origins and the extent and function…. Mar 3—8, Multiversity, California.

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Our own deeply held beliefs and definitions of technology are impeding us from evolving consciously…. Speaking at the Radiant Intimacy gathering, Esther Perel outlines the remarkable transformation…. She began her training at the age of eight, at the special facility of Enigma in London. When she was thirteen she was sent to Russia for her first mission. It was a success. Since then, she had been roaming around the world for different missions. Her one last mission before she finally landed herself at Enigma's main headquarters was in Brazil.

She was badly injured, but was able to accomplish her task. Because she's required to travel around the world, Franczeska speaks a variety of languages. Relationship Status: Open. May 31, PM. Eye Colour: Blue Weight: lbs Height: 6"ft hide spoiler ] Personality: Though from his body language and his generally laid-back approach you would think he was someone who never took anything seriously, Rowan is far from it.

He is a deadly serious and dedicated agent, having been born and raised specifically with Enigma in mind. He has extreme confidence in his abilities which can cause him to be arrogant, though he is also respectful of those he deems worthy enough to be respected. When not on a mission Rowan can be a friendly and funny guy, usually with his constant use of sarcasm and his need for playfully insulting others, it's rare he shows this side of himself, instead preferring to isolate himself in order to focus on missions without the emotional attachment.

Although he may seem remorseless and guilt-free, this is what he has trained himself to be like so he can carry out his duty for Enigma , something he has been told was his sole purpose in life, though being around more people his own age has started to make him realise that there's more meaning to life than serving others.

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  8. History: Rowan was born in Melbourne as the only son of a former Enigma agent, never having met his father. His mother showed her care for her son by moving him to Betoota, Queensland Australia in order to isolate him as much as possible and train him to be the best possible agent he could be, which she saw as guaranteeing his future.

    Esoteric - The Pernicious Enigma (FULL ALBUM)

    Not knowing anything else, Rowan had always believed this and strived for perfection in order to make his strict mother proud. Aged 13, Rowan's mother brought him to America and abandoned him, expecting him to use his training to find Enigma where they would be impressed enough that a thirteen year old could find them and recruit him. Sure enough, they did and Rowan never heard from his mother again, though he thought that if word got out of his success she would come and find him.

    Becoming one of Enigma 's best young agents, Rowan proved himself an extraordinary undercover agent, using a variety of techniques such as disguises and fake accents in order to fool his enemies into a false sense of security before he either took them out single-handedly or with the help from fellow field agents.

    After a year long undercover mission in an attempt to bring down Most Wanted Henry Deliwitz, Rowan was discovered for the first time ever and brutally attacked, being left for dead by Deliwitz. Like her son, she was born and raised in an isolated area of Australia, though she was intended to work against Enigma. She was a highly feared assassin with an aura of mystery surrounding her, including her sudden disappearance and reappearance as a reformed agent for the organisation she was meant to destroy. She again disappeared when she became pregnant with Rowan, telling no one where she went or even who the father was.

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    The few who know and remember her don't even have a clue, though her sudden disappearance suggest to them that perhaps he is an enemy, or even a fellow agent The name was given to people from Buchanan, a place in Scotland. The form of it isn't curly, but has beachy waves to it so tangling is not a delicate problem. The chocolate coloured curls hang down to the middle of her spine, and shines slightly when in the light.

    Charlotte's hair is probably her most desirable feature. Eyes: Charlotte's eyes are described like the deepest parts of a forest. They are mostly green, with flecks of gold around the iris. Some say you could stare into her eyes for days and lose all sense of reality from the pure innocence that lay in them. Figure: Her figure a bit like a rectangle; her chest is as flat as a young teen, her hips haven't developed yet either. She is unnaturally skinny, and stands at a height of 5"7. Her legs are quite long and the desired target of models.

    Profile: Charlotte's face could be described as elfish, or well defined. Her ears, for genetic reasons, end in points such as the mythical creature and her cheekbones are well defined, giving her a majestic look. Her lips are a perfect cupid's bow, plump and soft. A man can learn so many things.

    Her electronic skills outweigh any other worker in the Pentagon.

    Jerusalem, a historical enigma

    She was the person who invented teleportation, as well as the only person who can activate the portal device. Special Skills: Mostly technologically originated - she can fix anything and she can also create small gadgets out of metal scraps. Confrontations are out of the question, and usually she's a bit of a pushover.

    Delicate is normally the most common word associated with her. She is an adorable thing, even though she is quite tall for a girl and quite the target of a man's eyes with her striking features and long legs. She is oblivious in the romance department, or at least acts that way so nobody would try to be friendly with her.

    People just want to be friends with her and it's almost impossible for you to dislike her. After all, there's nothing she did wrong anyway. Charlotte's attitude towards life is a bit depressing though, as she owns no sense of independence and strives on orders from others. General Sully scares the living daylights out of her, and she will bend to almost anyone's rule. Her field of work is not to be brave, or sacrifice anything. Her job is to simply fix things, sort the technological side of things and control the portal entrance.

    Her mother had been in prison when she gave birth to Charlotte,and the authorities took her in. Entering the dilemma of the spreading radiation, they offered to let her birth-mother free from all charges if she willingly gave them her child. Obviously the woman accepted, and never looked back on her child.

    As Charlotte grew up, the Pentagon tried to train her to be a fearless warrior, but she never had the courage or strength. They allowed her to go to school, and realized her advanced intelligence. When she was 14, she outlined the basic details to teleportation and they successfully made it operate when she was 17, the year of the Enigma operation. The Accident In the process of creating the teleportation device, Charlotte had one friend who was her role model and saviour. One day, she had completed what she thought to be the summarized formula and announced it to everybody,ecstatic.

    The officials said to wait before testing it, because they needed to run some scans first. However, Charlotte was confident in her skills and got her friend to give the device a test run. It hadn't worked, and when she pressed the button she had completely disappeared. Due to the fact they found blood that matched her friend's, the officials assumed her dead.

    Were ancient cultures more advanced than many evolutionists believe?

    From then on, a quiet air consumed her and she only did things when told. Independence was thrown down the drain, and Charlotte was never the same. G Ellis. Add a reference: Book Author. Search for a book to add a reference.