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That can make it seem as if you're really making progress, and can be encouraging. The other approach is more efficient, though: Paying off your highest-interest-rate debts first. Remember that you compiled a list of your debts and their interest rates. Well, the ones with the highest rates are costing you the most, over time. Another strategy can have you bypassing the decision about which debts to pay off first by consolidating your debts.

Depending on your debts, you may not be able to fold all debts into one, but you might bundle all your credit card debt onto one card, while consolidating various student loans into one. Some people take out home equity loans to get the money to pay off various debts. That can be effective if the home equity loan features a lower interest rate.

If you use the money to pay off credit card debt but then proceed to rack up more credit card debt, it may not have been worth it. When it comes to student loan debt, you might consolidate federal student loans into one loan through the Department of Education's Direct Consolidation Loans. Also, or alternatively, you might take out a private loan to consolidate debts -- that's generally referred to as refinancing student loan debt. The advantages of consolidating can include lower monthly payments if you extend your payment period and getting out of default, while drawbacks can include less flexibility and a longer payback period -- which can mean more interest paid, overall.

That interest rate will be in effect for between six and 21 months, after which a more standard interest rate will apply. That standard rate will not necessarily be a great one, so you should seek cards that will charge you relatively low interest rate ranges following your teaser-rate period.

Aim to pay off your debt on your balance transfer card before the teaser rate ends -- and if you don't think you can, perhaps opt for a low-interest-rate card instead. Many times, you won't be able to know until you get approved for the card. You won't be able to transfer more than that limit, less the balance transfer fee, if there is one, and if you exceed the limit you might face a fee. Find out if there's a penalty APR, too.

How Do I Pay Off Debt When I Can't Afford The Minimum Payments?

Many cards don't feature them, and that's preferable. Remember that any time you apply for a new credit card, even for a balance transfer, your credit score may be affected negatively as a result. Dog walking is a lucrative side hustle you can do on your weekends. Image source: Getty Images. The last strategy for getting out of debt is to simply avoid making more regrettable moves. Don't dig the hole you're in any deeper! Another obstacle that trip up so many is thinking you'll make progress on debt repayment by making your minimum payments.

Yes, it minimizes inconvenience and will seem easier than other strategies, but it's costly. If you can't, your balance will be growing, digging you deeper in debt. The thought of paying off significant debt can be daunting, but don't get too discouraged.

It can definitely be done and several years down the line, you'll be breathing easier and sleeping better while you watch your retirement savings grow. Premium Services. Stock Advisor Flagship service.

How to Get Out of Debt Fast | 23 Tips and Tools

Rule Breakers High-growth stocks. Many people try to get out of debt, but life slaps them in the face hard enough that they give up. Read more: Good debt vs. If you want to get out of debt fast, you have to stop using debt to fund your lifestyle. This will help you focus solely on the debt that you currently do have so that you can develop a game plan to pay it off quickly.

For most people, credit cards become the funding source for those emergencies. If you are trying to get out of debt then you need to put a buffer between you and debt; that is exactly what an emergency fund does. Read more: How to build an emergency fund.

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Developing a budget that tracks your income and your expenses is crucial to getting out of debt in a short period of time. It will help you gauge where you are with your finances so that you can move forward toward your goal. The goal is to increase your surplus and use that money to pay down your debt. Below are two ways that you can do this. The hardest part was learning how much I owed. Then asking for options made it easier for the conversation to continue, and i smilied knowing thst i can tackle this with the lessons from Ramit and his courses.

In , I started to take paying off my credit card debt seriously. I got You Need a Budget and it changed the way I looked at my bank account. As Ramit says in the article, I ruthlessly cut out bills, subscriptions, and prioritized my spending. I never did any of that extreme frugality stuff and I never started a side gig. I used the same amount I was making before. Again, no change in my income. No extreme budgeting. I didn't take on any new debt during that time. I paid my credit card bill in full every month. If I couldn't afford a car, I went without.

Rather than put my loan into deferment like any normal human with my low income, I simply found the money. This is not a Ramit-approved strategy, nor one that I recommend for most people. I basically didn't have any fun in my 20s. Lots of great info in here.

How to Get Out of Debt

I have been using all of these strategies to aggressively pay off my student loan debt. The main points that have worked the best for me are freezing your debt and earning more. In the 2. The biggest part was taking control of my career, getting promotions and raises, and being vigilant about what I spend money on. Following the steps in the article will be the first way to start conquering your debt. Also, remember there is someone else out there that has more debt than you and the sooner you start the sooner you'll be done. I essentially used your steps. I wholeheartedly agree on the need to increase income.

I never felt deprived but instead on gratitude each step of getting out of debt, spent money on what truly brought, and ruthlessly avoided lifestyle inflation by putting all new income toward the debt. Now that I'm debt free I've been able to shift the debt payments toward paying for my children's college, my future retirement, and investment in my own business. It's possible. I paid off my student loans just two years after I graduated. In addition to all the great advice Ramit gave, I recommend paying extra as soon as you have the money.

It was not uncommon for me to make payments a month on my debt because I knew if the money sat in my acocunt it would be eaten up by some unnecessary expense. I also made a chart that hung on my fridge so I could have a visual of how much I had already paid. This was extremely motivating for me.

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Being debt free has given us the freedom to live in the location we want and be ultra selective about the jobs we take. It is worth the hard work! I can tell you that this plan does work, sorry I didn't learn it from Ramit but it's what most "financial advisors" will tell you to do. I had a lot of credit card debt coming out of college.. I also fell victim to the "transfer your credit card balance for zero-interest" trick..

Disease Called Debt – my story

Yes, I still have a mortgage but have not had credit card debt, or a car payment for 15 years. I also now have plenty of savings so if I wanted to take an extravagant vacation with my husband, we can , a retirement plan, and education funds for my kids. I am not "rich", but learned how to put these things on automatic… it works! I don't normally ever post comments, but I owe it to anyone drowning in credit card debt like I was. First of all, this works because it's just math. Let me explain. First, I set up my conscious spending plan to pay down as much of my credit card debt as I could while also having my money diverting to my savings buckets for the things I wanted and needed.

Buckets like money to take a trip, clothes, the "oh snap" fund for little emergencies that always come up, plus a buffer fund so in case I had a light month a work, I wouldn't have to touch my credit card. I also made sure that I gave myself a realistic amount of casual spending money from each paycheck. Since I have inconsistent income, I set these numbers all based on the MINIMUM I could guarantee to make any given month, but made sure to have a plan for where money above that would go. I knew that in a few months, I'd have enough in my travel account to take a trip that I was worried I was going to have to cancel.

I knew that the things were important were going to be taken care of as long as I stayed with the plan. At that point, waiting for my credit card debt to reach zero was just a technicality. It no longer made me feel like I was trapped. One kicker was that I had an account set up to save up for all those little emergencies life throws your way, which meant that even though a snag would come up, I wouldn't have to see the number in my checking account go down or watch my credit card bill go up.

I felt about as emotional at those snags as I do when seeing the water bill show up.

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Sometimes it is worth getting a consolidation loan. I then overpaid when I had money available, and it was paid off in 2 years.

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