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If, in the past, the classic family was defined sociologically as a pair of heterosexual parents living together under one roof along with their children, Recent high-profile corporate scandals—such as those involving Enron in the United States, Yukos in Russia, Recent high-profile corporate scandals—such as those involving Enron in the United States, Yukos in Russia, and Livedoor in Japan—demonstrate challenges to the legal regulation of business practices in capitalist economies.

Djamila was born in in Saarlouis, Germany and grew up with German-speaking parents in France. Alternating between two languages and cultures through her life has trained her to constantly switch her thinking from one language to another, resulting in her not having one mother tongue but two.

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In her free time she likes to learn and teach languages and to do tourism. He has worked as an academic assistant at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz. He participated in various academic projects within the university. He speaks Greek, German and English and he is passionate about photography. Massimo Bertocchi. Massimo was born in Genoa Italy in Before landing in Luxembourg, he was working at the same university as a contract researcher in natural-language processing. Olga Koreneva. Olga was born in in Moscow. She lives in Spain and works as economist and translator since She works as legal translator certified translator for German-Spanish and also as technical and specialised translator, interpreter, and terminologist for Russian, English, Italian and Portuguese for the humanitarian organisations and in the private sector.

She also works as a language teacher. He did an internship as a terminological researcher for the Quebec Board of the French Language. Emma Wynne.

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Emma was born in in the United Kingdom. Emma has written for print and online media, in both local and national media outlets. She has a keen interest in international politics, which is why her thesis focused on the controversial relationship between the West and Saudi Arabia. Tipperary Ireland. As part of this course, he worked across many different medium platforms and produced newspapers, magazines, newsletters and radio programmes. Liam has also had experience of working in both customer service and radio.

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Veronica is from Siggiewi in Malta and was born in Worked as a journalist and sub-editor with a Maltese newspaper and online portal for 3 years before commencing her EU experience. She studied translation at the University of Salamanca in Spain during her Erasmus and developed her terminology skills during her internship at Termcat, the centre for terminology in the Catalan language established by the Government of Catalonia. Very interested in international politics, she focused her MA dissertation on Sharia and its impact on Muslim women.

Faenza Italy. Born in in Faenza RA , Italy. Iris Rinner. Parcines Italy. Born and raised in the multilingual region of South Tirol, Italy. Subsequently, Iris got an Erasmus Internship at the same university, which she completed successfully. Zaragoza Spain. Her dissertation used a corpus-based approach to compare the expression of deontic modality in Spanish national legislation and in Spanish versions of EU legislation.

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After graduating, she started a career in terminology through a fellowship at the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva Switzerland. She is an ECQA certified terminology manager. Georgia Nikolaidou. Thessaloniki Greece. During her undergraduate studies she spent one semester abroad, at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in Germany.

She has attended a number of seminars on translation and subtitling, and participated in the Team for the Voluntary Support of the National Theatre of Northern Greece, aimed at the translation of its website press releases, summaries of plays, etc. Pedro Ramos. Figueira da Foz Portugal. Laura Campan. Paris France. Interested in politics and digital communication, she wrote her thesis on the different communication strategies of the American and the French representatives during the elections.

In , she had the opportunity to work for the French public broadcaster France Televisions, in the International Relations department. She then decided to complete her final year internship in the European Parliament, in both translation and communication units. Galicia Spain. She has worked as conference and liaison interpreter and as a translator specialised in EU texts in Spain.

Kat erina Palamioti Greece. Born in in Lamia, Greece. She is a passionate foodie and loves to link language with food culture. Moscow Russia. Yelena has a lifelong interest in languages and linguistics. She has worked as a language teacher and translator in Russia, UK and Luxembourg.

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She worked as a simultaneous interpreter at the FAO in Rome. She is a violinist and she played in several European countries such as Spain, Poland, France, Luxembourg and Germany. She has a famous blog that you should know and follow: www. She is a passionate traveler and blogger. Carmela was born in Madrid. She gained experience as a translator at the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Prior to coming to Luxembourg, she worked as a conference interpreter at the UN in Geneva and in a range of conferences.

She has previously worked in content management, marketing and translation.

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Journalist and Community Manager. Ana has worked previously as a reporter, editor, radio presenter, sound technician, web manager and social media administrator. Born in in Poland, she moved to London at the age of 9. Currently a third-year student of English and French at Balliol College, University of Oxford, she is partaking in her compulsory year abroad to gain work and language experience which is invaluable to her studies.

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Previous to coming to Luxembourg, she has spent 7 months working as a British Council English language assistant at two sixth forms in France, as well as having experience as an English tutor and news reporter for a student newspaper in Oxford. She joins the TermCoord trainee team in May Born in in Trieste Italy. Studied in the School for translators and interpreters in the University of Trieste.

Post-graduate studies in legal translation in Paris-3 Sorbonne Nouvelle. She taught in SciencesPO and worked in the Italian Cultural Center as a translator, editor and seconding the Director in cultural activities. Born in in Italy. Design studies at Academy of Fine Arts of Foggia. Worked several years as freelance graphic and web designer. Published books novels, poems and a web design manual. Raluca graduated in journalism from the University of Sibiu, Romania. She worked as a journalist for various different media for almost 12 years, during which she gained experience as a reporter, editor, radio and TV presenter, blogger, website editor and social media administrator.

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She loves radio, travelling and playing with her dog. Born in in Rome, she studied literature and linguistics in Italy and Spain, where she also spent a few months to write her research thesis. During her university years she also worked as an online reporter for an Italian online newspaper and as an editor for an e-book publisher. Passionate about languages, socio linguistics, and communication. Born in in Turin Italy.

Student of Computer Science at the University of Turin. After having lived some time in Los Angeles acquiring skills in technical film production, he chose specialization in Graphic 3D at the School of Profession. Then made exerience in IT Support and Promotion on social media. He volunteered with underprivileged people in South Africa and in Turkey.


He joins TermCoord in March Eva Barros Campelli. Born in in Rome Italy. She attended a post-graduate course at the London School of Journalism, had a Web Editor assistant work experience at Good Things magazine, and enjoyed the British lifestyle for a while. Currently passionate about human rights and international politics — though in her spare time she always complains that too many books, songs and movies break her heart and ruin her life. During University she had the opportunity to travel and spent a semester at the Filozofski Fakultet in Zagreb, where she returned to complete her thesis, and a month in Valjevo SRB to perfect her knowledge of Croatian and Serbian.