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Must Love Dragons (Immortally Sexy #2)

Description It's hard to find love when you're A a dragon and B charged to protect the Goblet of Eternal Youth but Theresa Nichols is fed up with celibacy so she makes a deal with Satan to shed her dragon exterior. Of course deals with the devil never come without strings Zeke Siccardi is a recovering dragon slayer. Now a vegan dedicated to non-violent lifestyle he's the Otherworld's most renowned missing persons expert. His latest case: to track down Theresa Nichols and hand her a large inheritance.

Theresa's first act as a human is to meet her online paramour - one Zeke Siccardi. Things get complicated when Zeke turns out to be a detective and the man Zeke thought he was working for isn't a long- lost relative of Theresa's but an Otherworld gangster!

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Then of course Satan comes to call in his favour: if Theresa doesn't hand over the Goblet immediately he'll turn her back into a dragon. As Zeke and Theresa work together, Zeke's dark slayer side begins to surface, despite the fact that Theresa's falling in love with him. What's a girl dragon to do? I asked my readers for help, and guess what?

Readers, we won!

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  8. Supernatural Slayer has 70 reviews to date. I promised you a photo of the steak and here it is:. I shared it with two other friends. Thank you for helping me win my bet! And thank you for leaving such generous and kind reviews. Magic Runes got a few extra reviews since I set up that bet, with the total now at 41 reviews. They have a considerably lower number of reviews.

    Thank you to the 70 people that helped me do that today. A special thanks to those that left reviews on my other works. If you have the time and want to show the other books some love, consider leaving a review on them too. A couple of readers had asked me how I felt toward reviews.

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    Overall, I enjoy reading them because I love seeing what readers thought of the story. I appreciate the fact that a reader took the time to write something. That said, I love all the reviews. The more, the merrier. To my readers, I wanted to thank you again for reading my work and for your support. It means the world to this fledgling author.

    Why do I love Dragons so much??? (Special Video)

    And to each reviewer, thank you for making your voice known. There will be more characters added as the cast of the series get fleshed out. I may ask some of you to vote on who gets drawn next!

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    Meet Vanessa from the Must Love Dragons series. Meet Aisha from the Supernatural Slayer series. I could talk about the new books coming out over the next few days. I have two coming out, one on Sunday and the other on Tuesday. Supernatural Slayer is Book 1 in the Supernatural Slayer series. I had a lot of fun writing this book. The first draft got tossed out because it fell short but it came together in the second rewriting. It currently has a 4. Beautiful Magic is the first segment in the Must Love Dragons serial with each part under pages long. Its protagonist is a year-old girl named Vanessa who finds herself thrust into the magical world and discovers a secret about herself.

    A secret that can get her killed. The serial is set in the same world as Magic Runes and Supernatural Slayer.