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Shadow Dancing Gibb Andy. You got me looking at that heaven in your eyes I was chasing your direction I was telling you no lies And I was loving you When the words are said, baby, I lose my head And in a world of people, there's only you and I There ain't nothing come between us in the end How can I hold you when you ain't even mine? Only you can see me through I leave it up to you Do it light, taking me through the night Shadow dancing, baby you do it right Give me more, drag me across the floor Shadow dancing, all this and nothing more All that I need is just one moment in your arms I was chasing your affection I was doing you no harm And I was loving you Make it shine, make it rain, baby I know my way I need that sweet sensation of living in your love I can't breath when you're away, it pulls me down You are the question and the answer am I Only you can see me through I leave it up to you Do it light, taking me through the night Shadow dancing, baby you do it right Give me more, drag me across the floor Shadow dancing, all this and nothing more Do it light, taking me through the night Shadow dancing, baby you do it right Give me more, drag me across the floor Shadow dancing, all this and nothing more.

Envie pra gente. Recomendar Twitter. Playlists relacionadas. Mais acessados. Aplicativos e plugins. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Plugin W. Media Player Winamp. Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair. To All my Goodreads friends - Read this series! It is literary deliciousness! Jun 16, Teresa rated it it was amazing. Apr 09, Lisa Hudson rated it it was amazing. This book is best read in order in the series as opposed to a stand alone. In this latest installment, the author deftly takes her readers on an incredible fast paced adventure.

Her humor is infectious and her timing spot on. There is an abundance of suspense to keep you wondering how many more bodies might be found.

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It is interesting to see the changes she has made in each character throughout the series and all the backstories that tie them together. The plot also sheds light on a horrific real life issue that is becoming all too familiar and the author handles the subject well. This is one of my favorite series and each new book continues to get better! The opinions expressed here are completely my own and without influence. Mar 29, Patty rated it it was amazing. This book takes place in in Kansas City Missouri, I love the uniqueness of this setting before everyone had all the modern technology.

Ellison Russell is a widow and single mom to teenage daughter Grace. With dead bodies to be investigated the mystery begins. This book is funny, with twists and turns that keep you reading and guessing. I read this book in one day, because I could not Shadow Dancing by Julie Mulhern is the 7th book in the Country Club Murders series, and another great book. I read this book in one day, because I could not put it down. I strongly recommended this book and series for cozy mystery book fans.

I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. Head back to Kansas City in the 70s and meet up with Ellison Russell, her daughter, Grace, and police detective Anarchy Jones as murder and mayhem pop up in the country club set. Slyly satirical and out-and-out good fun. Seventh in the series, but still as fresh as the first!. Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. Aug 10, Ivonne Rovira rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: all mystery lovers. By runs into, I mean literally with her Triumph sports car.

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Luckily, the girl, while frightened, was unhurt; however, compassionate Ellison, seeing the girl without a coat, hat or gloves out on this frozen day in February , lends the waif her own coat and gloves. Which is why the police come to Ellison when the girl is murdered in a downtown alley. To tell much more would be to ruin the surprises that author Julie Mulhern has sprinkled throughout this hilarious and clever novel, the seventh in this five-star series.

But I do want to say that, as in Cold as Ice , Mulhern has drawn attention to any important topic: this time, the plight of teenage girls with no place to go. While longtime Ellison fans will enjoy Shadow Dancing more, those new to the series will still adore this book. Highly recommended to both types of readers.

Apr 30, Jeanie Jackson rated it really liked it Shelves: xread , arc-gift , cozy-amateur , xcraving. Julie Mulhern does an amazing job of blending humor and social issues in creating Shadow Dancing, a delightful mystery that will stay with the reader for a long time.

This meshing of serious contemporary problems with laugh-out-loud humor is the hallmark that make Ms. Giving in to Libba leads to some hilarious moments, one of which Ellison may never be able to wash from her mind! Love it, Love it, Love it. I so very much appreciate Edelweiss, NetGalley and Henery Press for giving me the opportunity to read the ARC of Shadow Dancing so even before I receive my personal copy of this fantastic novel, I can shout about it to my friends! While Ellison Russell is relieved that her life seems to be getting back to normal - almost - since she's not finding dead bodies every week, it's a strain to realize that she might have blown her relationship with police detective Anarchy Jones and is wondering how to fix it.

But things just aren't meant to be 'normal' for Ellison. Her friend Libba has dragged her to a psychic and Ellison pooh-poohs everything the woman says. Then when she hits a young girl with her car the girl isn't hurt but While Ellison Russell is relieved that her life seems to be getting back to normal - almost - since she's not finding dead bodies every week, it's a strain to realize that she might have blown her relationship with police detective Anarchy Jones and is wondering how to fix it. Then when she hits a young girl with her car the girl isn't hurt but she seems to be freezing so Ellison literally gives her the coat off her back.

Vowing to return the coat, Ellison goes home.

But then she receives a visit from Anarchy's dreaded partner, Detective Peters, and he wants to know why her name and address were in the girl's possession Now the psychic is calling Ellison at home, telling her she must meet with her because the dead girl, Leesa, has a message: She wants her to save a friend of hers named Starry Knight before she, too, is found dead somewhere. It is only by chance - and a blind date set up by Libba - that Ellison sees a young girl in the company of a man she had seen herself earlier when out with her daughter Grace - and not in a good way, either - and confronts them, finally convincing the girl to go with her.

Fortuitously, the girl turns out to be Starry - whose real name is Jane. Ellison takes her home with her, vowing to figure out a way to get her away from the life she's fallen into. But Ellison doesn't know that in doing so, she not only has put herself in danger, but also Grace, and even though it's brought Anarchy back into her life, is it worth the risk to take the chance and lose everything she holds dear?

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We are once again living the the s, long before there were computers, cell phones, no GPS to track people and the technology many have come to take for granted. Because of this, it makes for a very good book indeed, when everyone had a land line and you either used it or drove to someone's home to speak with them. When Ellison finds that her life might be in danger again this time Anarchy feels the need to spend the night on her sofa to protect her from the threats.

As she's perfectly fine with this, her mother Frances is not. What will the neighbors think? More so, what will Frances think? But she has problems of her own: she's discovered an urn in her closet and she's called upon Ellison to find out to whom it belongs. So Ellison and Aggie are hitting the local library microfiche to see if they can discover anyone who might have been displaced within the last few months but before they can find out Frances tells Ellison she knows who it is, and the answer rocks Ellison from her head to her toes.

The end result puts a serious strain on her parents' lives, and now she's dealing with the fallout from that, too. While the book is downright serious and sober, there are quite a few humorous moments that you can't help but chuckle at; and I actually found myself wanting to throttle Libba and can't figure out why Ellison hasn't done so thus far. It is a tale that is dark as midnight and riveting to boot; it shows us while reality slaps us in the face there are still those that refuse to believe the truth.

As the pieces fall together, we see the ugliness in the world that masks itself in normality. Those that appear to be anything but sinister can be very much so. And Ellison, in all her wisdom of finding those bodies and having faced ugliness in the past - including from her own husband - is no stranger to seeing it close to home. It is a story well-crafted, a narrative both dark and light; one that is always entertaining and magnificently written. As always, Ms. Mulhern draws us into Ellison's world and keeps us happily engrossed in what she has set down on paper and made to become real; her characters are animated and believable; her descriptions are convincing and give us something to look forward to when we first open the book.

In the end, when the killer is found and the story ends, we are left with a satisfying feeling that all is right with the world again at least for awhile. I look forward to the next in the series. Highly recommended.

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Jun 19, Toni rated it it was amazing. This is the seventh book in the Country Club Murders series. And Ellison is always finding dead bodies that seems to appall all of her country club colleagues. He started it, after all. Ellison Russell started with a new resolution: no more dead bodies. It is really beyond her power at this point. The fortune teller This is the seventh book in the Country Club Murders series.

The fortune teller has spoken. While leaving there she nearly runs over a teen who darts out in front of her car. The girl is scared and has no coat in the dead of winter.

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So, Ellison does the only thing she can at the moment… she gives the girl her navy pea coat off her back and a slip of paper with her name and phone number. This accidental brush with a girl who ends up being a teen prostitute figures into the whole scenario behind the plot of this book.

Anarchy stays overnight on the couch on three separate occasions to keep her safe and I am not sure how Ellison managed to maintain control of her emotions during those times. There were quite a bit of fainting scenes in this story too. This is by far my favorite story in the Country Club Murder series. The only problem I have is that the woman never seems to be alone…. Someone is always coming over or calling.

How can a girl get some quiet time with her detective if no one will ever leave her alone? A thrilling, roller-coaster ride. Just a lot of excitement all around. Pus, this book has so much Anarchy I was positively drooling. Anarchy has definitely attained book boyfriend status for me. I thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title. Jun 23, Maria rated it really liked it. Ellison Russel has started the New Year with a new goal in her mind, no more bodies in her life, everything was going good until her friend made her to visit a medium But Ellison's concern is not only about the dead bodies but her mother's reaction to another body, because a rich family has to maintain appearances, don't you know?

I started this book one night and I didn't go to sleep till I finished, really, it was addictive! What I loved about the story was not only the mystery on it, that it was not so difficult to solve but the characters, they felt so real that I simply wanted to know more.

Ellison is the glue of her family, they have a quite special family and some secrets on their own; her daughter is a teenager, so she has her own ideas of what is good and bad Her mother is posh, really posh, and is only concerned about appearances, but her actions are so extreme that are hilarious! And the poor father, he just wants to be happy. You can see that is more or less the typical family, simply with a lot of money and some bodies that appear from time to time at Ellison's life, that of course makes her routine more interesting.

We have one more interesting character on the plot, the detective Anarchy Jones, who has been dating Ellison but they fell apart After the appearance of the new body in Ellison's life they will have to meet again, the main question is will they solve their problems or the sparks will have disappeared? What I "disliked" more about the book was Ellison's friend Libba, she doesn't seem to have a very high standard for herself or women in general, dating someone with money doesn't mean it would be a good man or someone to love I suppose there was a story behind Libba's behaviour, but I started the series on this book, so for what I could read about her, is not a friend I would like near me Be prepared for a story with mystery, acidic humour, bodies and romance; really what else do we need?

This is the 7th book of "The Country Club Murders" series, but you can read it as standalone. Ready for a visit at the Country Club? A good woman meets a troubled girl in s Kansas City. I have missed many books in this series but it has totally captured my attention. I enjoy the mysteries, and Ellison is so well-mannered, so capable, so kind and thoughtful, that it is hard to imagine how she gets involved in these criminal events where she seems to find bodies all over the place. She has an unholy relationship with her beloved Mr. Coffee machine. But for seven books now she seems to find bodies.

But, it is comical how America adopted the concept of class based on money. I began my working life in the late s and it is an eerie feeling to identify with a contemporary book about a period in which I lived and which changes I experienced. I find the stories suspenseful, entertaining and well written.

Callie Beaulieu does a great job with a delicate hand on the change in voices. I am reading the stories out of order and I am enjoying them hugely, but I believe I would have a better experience if I read them in order. I also love the discussion of designer clothes in the book. I will have a post on the next story later this week. Jun 02, Laurel-Rain rated it it was amazing. Like all the previous novels, Shadow Dancing brings Ellison Russell back to us in a delightful way.

As always, Ellison is up to her eyeballs in murder…and when she visits that psychic, she opens another strange door. Coffee feels like another character in these books, as Ellison loves her coffee…and her coffee maker. She regularly talks to hers. I always enjoy seeing what she will do next. He is back now, and as protective as ever. How does Ellison get drawn into the lives of girls working in strip clubs?

What will she learn about some of the men who frequent those places? What new danger lurks for her? After several murders and a few red herrings, Ellison figures out who is behind the mayhem. Another 5 star read. Jun 05, Grace Koshida rated it it was amazing. It's February and Ellison Russell is glad to have not found another dead body this year.

She is dragged by her friend Libba into visiting psychic Madame Reyna and then ends up hitting a coatless teenaged girl with her car on the way home. Ellison gives the shivering girl her coat and is shocked when she gets a visit from the police informing her that Leslie was found murdered in a downtown alley. Then Ellison gets a frantic phone call from her mother Frances who has found a box of cremated It's February and Ellison Russell is glad to have not found another dead body this year. Then Ellison gets a frantic phone call from her mother Frances who has found a box of cremated remains in her hall closet.

Who left them there and why? Ellison and her housekeeper Aggie search the obituaries hoping to find the deceased's identity. Unfortunately, Ellison does end up finding a body shot in her house's driveway. And then she starts getting threatening phone calls and strange cars outside her home. Can Detective Anarchy Jones protect her and daughter Grace? Can Ellison help Starry?

A year bombshell secret involving Ellison's parents adds another interesting subplot to the story. This was another fun-filled entertaining read and great entry in the Country Club Murders mystery series. I voluntarily read this book and provided this review. Oct 16, Grandma rated it really liked it.

I love this series but I love this series and have binge read all the currently available books. The characters are interesting and colorful especially Aggie. The story in this outing 7 ramps up the action considerably! Mulhern is very good at weaving current social issues into the story in a way that informs the reader without turning preachy.

The issue intertwined in this story had to do with teen trafficking and Ellison standing up for the teen. My issue with the s I love this series but My issue with the story was that once the murders were solved, which had very little to do with the teen trafficking issue, the teen went back to her local home like everything was okay. That didn't strike me as logical if she was being controlled by a local ring.

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My second issue was with the blind date guy - if he was so uninterested as to cut the date short, why did he send the huge bouquet, show up at Ellison's home and how did he know the address with more flowers and push for another date? Other than these issues, I love the conversations with Mr. Highly recommend this series and eagerly await 8!

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Jul 08, Kay Hudson rated it it was amazing Shelves: e-books , mystery. A visit to a psychic and a minor traffic incident lead Ellison back into the world of investigating murders, especially when a body turns up on her own driveway. All this may upset her mother, but it also brings Anarchy Jones back to her door. Mulhern also investigates the serious subject of human trafficking an teen prostitution, as Ellison and Grace do their best to help a girl who calls herself Starry Knight.

Apr 06, Brenda rated it it was amazing. Eight weeks into without finding a dead body and Ellison wants nothing to do with the one in her mother's closet, even if it is in a tidy box. Ellison knew letting Libba drag her off to Madame Reyna wasn't a good idea but she had no idea what troubles were in store. Try as she might, trouble finds Ellison and when danger pulls Grace into harm's way Ellison is glad for Det. Anarchy Jones, even if he isn't in the country club circle her parents favor.

To get the best reading experience I suggest reading this series from the beginning.

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The humor and era allowed this to stay a cozy while dealing with some scary situations. Apr 10, Jannelies rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley-challenge. There is only one thing I'm not happy about Julie Mulhern knows exactly what her readers want. A group of interesting characters, a good mystery and a good dose of humor and romance.

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