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Little Mouse, Little Mouse - Playdough To Plato

Volume II The second volume in the series takes the plucky little mouse and her new pal, Puppino, to the islands in the Caribbean. Who was this Solamae and why had she been given to me? What was I supposed to do now that she had skittered into my head? She crawled around in there, making herself completely at home and taking her sweet time unfolding her story to me.

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Follow me on Facebook to see where I am at right now. You can also read more about me in my books that are available here on my website. Solamae Theme Song.

Little Mouse, Little Mouse

This first volume in the forthcoming series takes the plucky little mouse on a sailboat journey from the magnificent palace where she had spent her sheltered life, to a vineyard in Italy and then on a whirlwind tour of New York City. Solamae faces many challenges and overcomes adversities with a winning sky's-the-limit spirit, all the while embracing the belief that she is capable of helping others out of their dilemmas as well. Her strong faith in herself is coupled with her faith in a higher power. For more information: Click Here! This is his first book created just for younger readers.

The big friendly panels in autumn pastels and the silly twist ending will have emergent readers going straight back to the first page over and over.

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Smith's deceptively simple style is a terrific match for a young audience—one- or two-panel pages that are elegant, lighthearted, and touching all at once—and a knock-your-socks-off twist at the end will leave children giggling. As a dual treat, the subject matter encourages the empowering activity of dressing oneself at the same time that its medium helps build visual comprehension and reading confidence.

Little Mouse Gets Ready is perfect for young kiddos just learning how to do the basics A wonderful book, especially for those comic book fans, with a fantastic way to show little ones just how to get ready to go out!

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Toon-Books have found a flawless formula and the scientists - er…authors - to masterfully mix the ingredients into beginning reader perfection. The proof lies not only in award recognition, but more so in the enjoyment and laughter of countless young readers.

Little Mouse

The first thing to go on is the underpants and as everybody knows, as soon as a teacher says the word 'underpants' out loud laughter follows! The great thing about the book is the amount of detail that Jeff Smith gets in just a few words This book will be great for all readers, easy to read, fun illustrations and a great sense of humor.

The ending was a laugh-out-loud moment for both myself and my three-year-old son. At the same time, the build-up itself is both charming and didactic.

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Cute and surreal all at once; my favorite combination. His feet are ginormous, so he requires huge sneakers to get over his long, lengthy footsies. He is crisp and he is clear.