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The other track is a start-to-finish instrumental versionwith no singer at all. Comes with a book of tablature and CD. The tablature book and audioCD with vocalist shows you how to play 12 different hot licks and how to use them for building instrumentalbreaks, intros or endings. Intermediate to advanced level. E9th 10 string tuning using three pedals and three knee levers. The original tune wasdone on the C6th neck. This is done entirely on the E9th tuning using on the standard E9th pedals. But it soundslike it is being done on the C6th. This is a study inhow to play C6th sounds on the E9th and no one will ever know the difference.

The original tune was done onthe C6th tuning. Tablature and audio CD with rhythm track. Blues chord progressions. Studio tracks by some of the best blues players in Nashville. Theseare all just blues and boogie tracks in the 12 bar feel. Some in minor keys. Up tempo, lowdown and dirty. Goodfor C6th. Chord charts and CD with rhythm track. A step by step coursefor speedpicking. Everything the steel should play from the melody to the free style scales is diagrammed inshort, easy to read parts that are numbered.

Full book of tablature and CD. E9th 10 string tuning using three pedals and three kneelevers. Learn how to use the Nashville Number System. Full of all kinds of chord progressions and several ways to get around in them. The Chord DictionaryCompanion shows where all the chords are and how to make them on the E9th tuning. This course works forany instrument! The perfect practice aid. Ten songs on the E9th 10 string tuning using three pedals andthree knee levers. Original tempo withC6th sounds on E9th neck. The focus here is on using the 5th and 6th pedals and playing in theC6th mode.

Introduces the new Universal player to what the B6th side of the tuning can do. Book of tablaturewith vocalist and swing rhythm tracks on audio CD. A must for beginning E9th players. Includes rhythm track on CD. Louis Blues. A Mel Bay publication. A comprehensive pedal steel guitar chord chartfor the E9th tuning by DeWitt Scott with basic instruction page and E9th chromatic tuning chart.

This book has been around a long time. It wasoriginally published in and included a 45 rpm record! It is a complete guide to the pedal steel guitar. Includes beginner to advanced instruction in the E9th tuning and an introduction to C6th. Special sections onadditional knee levers, chord theory and its application, right hand blocking and set-up and maintenance of theinstrument. Fully illustrated with photos and diagrams in pedal steel tablature. Includes the personal tunings ofmany of the great innovators of the pedal steel world. By DeWitt Scott. This book definitelyfalls into the category of one of those books no pedal steel player should be without.

Written by Pedal Steel Hall of Fame member, DeWitt Scott, thisfine text teaches the styles and techniques of playing contemporary pedal steel guitar. Lots of cool pictures of the guys too. E9th chromatictuning. Pedal steel innovator, DeWitt Scott handpicked these 23 classic gospel tunes for their ease in playing. Written in standard notation and in tablature. Peavey Nashville Pedal Steel Amplifier This amp is smaller than the traditional steel amp and is ideal for rehearsals and intimate live presentations.

Or consider twin amps for an excellent, full, powerful sound! The performance you get from these 80 watts isincredible. Sounds like much more! Voiced for clean, loud playing with no distortion, this is an unbeatablecombination of quality and portability. PV Dual DeltafexThis unit works just great with the pedal steel. We mainly use the Delay and sometimes a bit of Reverb but theDual Deltafex is like having two multi-effects units in one.

Vivienne Cutbush

Providing powerful digital signal processing withflexible dual audio connections in a single rack space makes this unit perfect for studio or live applications. Many players simply position it on top of their amp. Call for price. Budda Samsara Delay We have finally found a terrific Delay unit that works wonderfully for the pedal steel. This unit is one of the Peavey family of brands. When our rep brought it by for Billy to try, an amazing thing happened! I think he made history here!

Bottom line, we are stocking them and encourage you to consider this unit if you are looking for a Delay that will enhance the sound of your steel guitar. Description: The Budda Samsara Delay guitar effects pedal conjures up the warm, rich analog delay sounds ofbygone days. The tone control allows you to mimic the low-fi sound of an old analog delay or to crisp up thehighs a bit for more modern-sounding delay tones.

Whether you want a touch of slap-back or big delayambiance, you've got it, thanks to the Samsara Delay's wide range of 20 to ms delay times. And the true-bypass circuitry gives you a clean, unaffected signal when not in use. Housed in a heavy-duty steel case built tolast. The unit comes with a 9 volt battery. We offer an excellent value on this item! This pedal has long been a favorite of the professionalbecause of its simplicity and dependability, and because it does what it is supposed to do…control volumesmoothly and quietly. Use either output for driving one amp.

Pedal has two outputs for driving two amps or twochannels of one amp. Performs identically to Model except it has a lower profile. A real boon to those of tallerthan average height. This pedal is a new development that will be of much interest to volume pedal users. One bigdifference is in the life of the potentiometer. Goodrich has developed a circuit which results in a much longerpot life. The pot is much less subject to noise and it makes possible the use of extremely long output cables. Two low impedance outputs are provided.

Another advantage is an improved taper. This pedal has a no-losscircuitry which exactly reproduces the signal from your pickup without the usual frequency losses. Low ProfileModel available. Attaches Goodrich pedals to the pedal bar of any steel guitar. They are adjustable, attach without alteration and will not mar the pedal bar. When in use, the rear of the pedalrests on the floor and can be repositioned at right-to-left angle as desired. When instrument is lifted from floor,pedal remains attached. One million cycle K replacement potentiometer. Ultra High Life provides the longest life available for a pot based pedal.

Full clocktaper. Made in Canada. Billy has used this unit on everyguitar he has played for many years. He would not be without it and with good reason. The 7A matches impedance and gives excellent sustain to any pedal steel. By using thehigh end of Gain and advancing the volume pedal, a long sustain can be obtained. It hasan adjustable gain of 0 dB to It is a true variable gain, not just a potentiometeracting as a variable L-pad. Other features are a battery on-off switch which is also off when output jack isunplugged. Battery life is at least one year based on 5 hours per day, 6 days a week.

Inaddition it offers an ideally buffered input and output, extra quiet circuit, excellent signal-to-noise ratio and full range tone control. Clips to the leg ofyour pedal steel. In theFuzz mode, it provides a distortion-fuzz circuit which can be adjusted from mild distortionto full fuzz by turning the Depth knob. The output level of each mode can beindependently adjusted. Comes with 12 inch patch cable. Clips to the leg of your pedalsteel. Battery Life: one year or more. Standard pedal. Tired of pot noise? With the MEB there is nonoise, just smooth, clean, quality sound.

This pedal has no pot and it is not a light beam pedal. This is newtechnology that works similar to an infrared bar code scanner on a cash register. There is even an advance pre-amp incorporated into the electronics. A 12 volt adaptor is furnished with the unit. One input, two outputs. There is NO signal losswhen using two outputs.

Low profile pedal. If pedal height is important to you the new L-MEB pedal may be for you. If you are already using a low profile pedal this one will give you the exactheight and movement as other models on the market. In addition, you will have that famous Hilton tone. Separate digital sustainunits are helpful for pot pedals only! Also, overseas adaptors are available for Hilton pedals. As the name implies, this unit digitally sustains the signal from your guitar pickup. It allows the windings of your pickup to reach a dynamic range never before thought possible.

Frequency response is increased to dynamic levels throughout the entire spectrum. Bandwidth performance is enhanced and widened to extended levels. It provides the edge you need to cut through with quality sound. As it cleans up your sound, the high, low and midrange dynamics are enhanced. Single notes sound fuller, bigger and better. As you play chords you can better hear individual note separation.

Can be operated from either battery or 12 volt wall adaptor which is furnished with unit. This product is similar to the very popular Boss Tone of years gone by which gave the pedalsteel guitar the ability to mimic string effects. Similarly, this unit gives the pedal steel amultitude of effects such as fiddle and orchestral strings. Different strings of theinstrument in combination with octaves and a lot of reverb can even provide the spaciouseffect of a string section. Very cool! It can also be used to simulate rock guitar sounds.

An excellent effect to have on hand that will be sure to impress those who hear it. Plugsdirectly into guitar. Pedal Bar Mounts. Hilton offers two pedalbar mounts. One style fits the Emmons and Derby guitars. Theother type is universal and fits all other guitars. The universal pedalbar mount fits over the top of the pedal bar. See photos of each type on our website. Universal: KH-U. Kari-All Storage Seats These seats are designed for durability with the working musician in mind.

The corners of the box are dadoed, glued and stapledtogether with heavy duty staples. Corners are finished and reinforced with a specially designedsteel coating in a durable hammertone black finish.

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The folding seat is first constructed as part of the box, and then cut apart to ensure aperfect fit. The seat portion is attached and held in place by heavy duty hinges andlatches. Backrest models feature a six inch pad for lower back support, which folds on top of theseat for transport. The storage compartment is divided into four sections, two of which are carpeted andlarge enough to hold a standard volume pedal.

Legs are 1 inch diameter polished aluminumtubing. A steel clamp locksthe legs securely in place during use and also fastens the folded legs securely for transport. Enquire for priceOptions:Cloth Top, Add For he that is entered into His rest, he alsohath ceased from his own works, as God did from his. Hebrews Many steel players have discovered their Lg.

One of our most popular thumb picks. Pearloid One size, blue nylon thumb pick. Multi-colored pick has been around a long time. Ivoroid Always a favorite with steelplayers. Ivoroid HE National Thumb Picks White plastic or tortoise plastic.