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Am I a Christian? Let me make my service of Jesus my occupation, my lifework, my one pursuit. We must be in-and-in with Jesus, and then out-and-out for Jesus, or else we shall make neither progress nor profit, and neither the church nor the world will feel that forceful influence which the Lord would have us exercise. Remember that Scripture is always the best commentary on Scripture. Therefore the inclusion of specific links does not indicate that we agree with every comment.

We have made a sincere effort to select only the most conservative, " bibliocentric " commentaries. Should you discover some commentary or sermon you feel may not be orthodox, please email your concern. I have removed several links in response to concerns by discerning readers. I recommend that your priority be a steady intake of solid Biblical food so that with practice you will have your spiritual senses trained to discern good from evil Heb note. Prayer Evangelism 1 Timothy What Is Secure? Rowland, LL. Statham 1 Timothy , 2 Introduction R. Plummer, D. Owen, M. Croskery 1 Timothy , 4 Timothy's Charge A.

Lane, M. Clayton, M. Guthrie, D. Robertson, M. Hull, B. Beddome, M. Chalmers, D. King, LL. Miller, M. Melvill, B. Brock, B. Spence, D. Maclaren, D. Stoughton, D. Emmons, D. Croskery 1 Timothy , 13 Personal Digression R. De Witt Talmage. Maurice, M. Vaughan, M. Spencer, D. Moinet, M. Bradley, M. Wilson, M. Newton, D. Brown, B. Paul C. Bayley, M. Croskery 1 Timothy , 17 King Immortal H.

Cross, D. Davidson, D. Croskery 1 Timothy Aspects of the Times W. Atterbury, D. Statham 1 Timothy Moral Loveliness W. Clarke, D.

Tillotson, D. Candlish, D. Feet, D. Whitaker, M. Storey, D. Vinet, D. Finlayson 1 Timothy Modest Adornment W. Slade, M. Brooke, M. Stanford, D. Davies, M. Van Doren. Croskery 1 Timothy Talebearing Discouraged E. Hardy, M. Garbett, M. Finlayson 1 Timothy Behavior in Church W. Buddicom , M. Armitage, D. Rees, M. Erskine, D. Hamilton, D.

Vincent, M. Statham 1 Timothy Ministerial Vocation W. Brock, D. Boston, D. Statham 1 Timothy Secret of Happiness Win. Blencowe, M. Croskery 1 Timothy , 9 Adequate Reasons W. Statham 1 Timothy Apostolic Endurance W. Statham 1 Timothy Christly Trust D. Thomas, D. Hall, M. Hewlett, M. Withrow, D. Halley, D. Croskery 1 Timothy Growth in Grace W. Lewis, D. Statham 1 Timothy Self-Improvement R. Caird, D. Moore, M. Reynolds, B. Vincent, D. Statham 1 Timothy Brotherly Rebuke C. Shalders, B. Statham 1 Timothy Confidence in the Father W.

Statham 1 Timothy Desolateness W. Hambleton, M. Dale, M. Kitchin, M. Payson, D. Croskery 1 Timothy Health a Duty H. Grandpierre, D. Jarman, M. Thomson, D. Croskery 1 Timothy Gain not Godliness N. Taylor, D. Statham 1 Timothy Contentment A. Champneys, M.

Joscelyne, B. Croskery 1 Timothy Covetousness A. Tuck, B. Harrison, M. Smith, D. Croskery 1 Timothy Doing Good C. Croskery 1 Timothy , 21 Peril and Preservation A. Snively, D. Whittaker, M. Book 1 Timothy. Concerning Sound Doctrine. Concerning Last Days Apostasy. Public Worship Church Officers. Pastoral Duties Toward Others. Instructions for the Man of God. Written in Macedonia Circa AD. Christ Our Hope. God Commanding Human Life. The Apostle's Claim to Authority. Apostolic Address and Greeting. The Divine Benediction. A Christian Salutation.

Friendship Complemental. Grace, Mercy, and Peace. Spiritual Paternity. The Price of Peace. Phillips Brooks, D. The Relations of Paul and Timothy. Speculations Condemned. Timothy's Charge. Modern Gospels False. Old Doctrines Enduring. Self-Made Gospels Useless. The Groundwork of Christianity. Unprofitable Disputes to be Avoided. Unprofitable Speculations. Life's Inner Springs. The Absence of Hypocrisy. The Sense of Rectitude. The Vital End of Religion.

A Good Conscience. Importance of a Good Conscience. The End of the Commandment. The Importance of Heart Love. The Use and the Abuse of the Gospel. The Nature and Design of the Law. Applying the Law. Design of the Law. Sound Doctrine. The Law Good. The Lawful and Unlawful Use of Law. The Moral Teaching of the Gnostics. The Proper Uses of the Law. The Purpose of the Law. The Right Use of the Divine Law. The Right Use of the Law. The Use of the Law. A Gospel of Glory. The Beatific God.

The Glorious Gospel. The Glory of the Gospel. The Gospel of the Glory of the Happy God. The Gospel of the Glory of the Happy God'. The Gospel, Glad Tidings. The Happiness of God. Archbishop Tillotson. The Happiness of the Eternal Mind. The Nature of God. The Preeminent Glory of the Gospel. Trustees of the Truth. Ministers Thankful for Their Office. The Attractions of the Christian Ministry. The Summons to Service. Ejaculation of Thankfulness for This High Trust. Personal Digression. A Wonderful Change. I was Before. Paul's Wish to be Accursed from Christ. The Memory of Forgiven Sins.

Transformation of the Vilest. The Exceeding Abundant Grace of God. The Saviour's Grace in its Freeness and Effects. A Faithful Saying. Christ's Power to Save. For Whom is the Gospel Meant. Fourth Sunday After Trinity. The Chief of Sinners. The Faithful Saying.

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Charles Haddon Spurgeon. The Gospel and its Recommendation. The Gospel in a Sentence. The Gospel in Small. The Mission of Christ to the Worst. The Object of Christ's Coming into the World. The Sinner's Door. The Summary of the Gospel. Worthy of All Acceleration.

A Test Case. An Encouraging Reflection. Encouragement from the Case of St. John Newton's Conversion. On Patterns in Religion. Paul an Example of Mercy. Paul's Conversion a Pattern. Praise for Salvation. Salvation for the Chief of Sinners. Saul of Tarsus Obtaining Mercy. The Character and Conversion of Saul of Tarsus.

The Divine Mercy Unlimited. King Immortal. The Glory of the King. The King of the Ages. A Good Warfare. Timothy's Charge and Warning. Recurrence to Timothy. The Solemn Charge to Timothy. Faith and a Good Conscience. Faith the Cabinet of Conscience. Good Conscience a Man's Longest Friend. Human Wreckage. Making Shipwreck of the Soul. The Great Shipwreck. Wrecked Through Losing a Good Conscience. The Regulation of Public Worship. Aspects of the Times. Christians Exhorted to Pray for the Queen and Parliament. Gordon and Intercessory Prayer.

Intercessory Prayer. Kings Over-Ruled by God. On Intercession for Others. Pray for Those in Authority. Prayer for Kings. Prayer for Others. Prayer for Rulers. Prayer for Those in Authority. Praying for Others. A Peaceable Life. A Quiet Life. Moral Loveliness. All Men to be Saved. God Would have All Men to be Saved.

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Redemption Universal. Salvation by Knowing the Truth. The Saviour -- God. The Saviour God. Christ Jesus the Mediator. Christ, the Mediating Man. Christ's -- a True and Proper Humanity. John Richardson, B. Only One Mediator. The Atonement. The Man Christ Jesus. The Mediation of Christ. The Mediator of the Covenant. The One Mediator. The Self-Giving of Christ. A Scripture Description of Prayer. Prayer Without Anger. Praying Everywhere. The Conduct of Public Prayer by Men. Where and How to Pray. Wrath and Prayer. The Sexes in the Christian, Assembly.

Modest Adornment. A Becoming Adornment. A Good Use for Ornaments. A Passion for Extravagant Dress. Advice Against Jewellery. Silence of Women. The Charity Purse. The Position of Woman. The Profession of Godliness. Woman's Sphere of Influence. Stoleford A. Woman's True Dignity. The Proper Sphere and Behavior of Women.


Man and Woman: Their Relative Work. Punishment no Hindrance to Salvation. The Christian Pastorate a Good Work. A Liberal Bishop. A Minister Above the Love of Money. A Well-Governed Family. Humility in Ministers. Luther and His Children. Ministerial Pride Rebuked. Ministers not Contentious. Pastoral Care. Preference for the Ministry. The Causes and Remedies of Pride. The Dignity of the Christian Ministry. The Ideal Minister.

The Office of a Bishop a Good Work. The Pulpit a Light and Tower.

Vanity in Preachers. Qualifications of Three Classes of Office-Bearers. The Positive Qualifications of the Christian Pastor. The Negative Qualifications of the Christian Pastor. The Pastor Must not be a Novice. The Qualifications of Deacons. Accepting Mysteries of the Faith. An Equivocal Life to be Avoided. The Ideal Deacon. The Mystery of the Faith. Talebearing Discouraged. The Pastor's Wife. The Qualifications of Deaconesses.

A Negligent Father. Evils of Polygamy. Faithfulness in an Inferior Position Leads to a Higher. The Good Degree. The Domestic Duty of Deacons. Upholder of the Truth, and Grandeur of Truth Upheld. Behavior in Church. In the House of God. Proper Behaviour in God's House. Security of the Church. The Christian Church, the House of God. The Church and Soul-Life. The Church of the Living God. The Church the House of God. The Church: its Nature and Functions. The House of God. The Pillar and Ground of the Truth.

The Pillar and Ground of Truth. What Church Means. What the Church Should Be. Believed on in the World. Christ, the Manifestation of God. God Manifest in the Flesh. Jesus Believed on in the World. Jesus Justified in the Spirit. Jesus Preached unto the Gentiles. Jesus Received Up into Glory. Jesus Seen of Angels. Justified in the Spirit. Of Christ's Humiliation in His Incarnation.

Preached to the Gentiles. Preached unto the Gentiles. Received Up into Glory. Received Up to Glory. Seen of Angels. The Accepted Saviour. The Divinity of Christ. The Exalted Saviour.

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The Fountain Opened. The Important Mystery of the Incarnation. The Incarnate God Vindicated. The Incarnation of God. The Mystery of Godliness. The Mystery of the Incarnate God. The Proclaimed Saviour. The Vindicated Saviour. Why Did God Become Incarnate. A Predicted Apostasy in the Christian Church. A Great Heresy. Celibacy, its Advantages and Disadvantages.

Timothy Warned. The Practical Features of the Apostasy. A False Asceticism. A Grateful Heart. A Universal Use.

1 Timothy 5:1-16

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