Password Protected (A Mike Blackwood Mystery)

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Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Includes a brief description and history of Woodward Avenue and the short story, Password Protected.

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Mike Blackwood lives and works in the Detroit Metropolitan area at some point in the near future. He makes his primary living working disaster recovery for computer technology. He is also a lawyer and a licensed Private Investigator and gets drawn into various mysteries on a regular basis.

Set into real locations in Detroit and its suburbs. A veteran of the US Navy, he served on active duty for over 6 years in the early 's. Mark has been working in various aspects of the information technology and automotive industries for over 25 years. Currently he resides with his wife and two cats in the Detroit area and can occasionally be found strumming his ukulele at various events. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD 8. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Dream Cruise weekend is a time to revel in the classic cars and hot rods.

But Mike's enjoyment of the weekend is interrupted by a puzzling mystery in this novella. Woodward Avenue is a central thoroughfare cutting through the suburbs connecting Detroit with Pontiac. Product Details About the Author. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. When the entire Solar System has been turned into one vast, dangerously confused, putrid smelling When the entire Solar System has been turned into one vast, dangerously confused, putrid smelling outdoor potty, with each planet seeking new and inventive ways of closing its borders to immigrants, there seems but one answer.

Enlist an immigrant book vendor View Product. Exposed: A Jenny Watkins Mystery. Jenny Watkins' psychic abilities are once again put to the test. With little evidence available With little evidence available to her, she must rely on clues from beyond the grave to solve a series of family tragedies in her new Tennessee town.

Take look at the journal on the coffee table in the middle of the room 5. Try to turn on the light near the door to realize that there is no electricity 6. No light switch will ever turn on a light in this game. You will have to find other ways to light dark places. Enter the study room and click on the desk. Take look the diary on the desk 7. Open the drawer from the top. Open the third drawer.

Take the PICK 9. Go back to the living room and take a look at the low table and fire place. Enter the dining room from the blue double door. Check the drawers, switches, paintings and liquor cabinet. Enter the small back hall from the door on the right. Turn around and open the curtain to look outside Enter the kitchen from the right door The door on the other side is to go back to dining room Open the drawer near the sink. Check the wall with cans and bottles in the other side. There is the empty key holder on the wall. Turn left to check that the blue door is closed.

This is the door to the cellar. Open the drawer on the side table beside the bed. There is book on photography. Look closer to the desk on the corner. Open the top drawer on the desk. You will see the letter is written by Italian.

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Take look at the red book about photographers. Enter the bathroom from the door D. See four photos that are hanging and the photo in the tub. Return to the small back hall through the kitchen. Click on the hole of the stripe vase to zoom in. You have to click the hole or else it will not zoom in.

Return to the kitchen behind you. Go down stairs the stairs to the cellar. Look closer at the fuse box. Check pipes, valve and the handle and then return to the small back hallway. Move upstairs 1 by way of the stairs at the end of the hall. Turn right at the top of the stairs and enter the hallway 2. Enter the guest room in the end of the hall 3. Click the desk on the right to investigate it further. Open the inventory and take the typewriter. Place it on the desk.

Password Protect a Hidden (xlVeryHidden) Worksheet using Excel VBA

Place the suitcase onto the next side desk. Click to look at the book, note book, business card and the letter. Open the drawer on the desk. See the drawing of children. Move to the fireplace. Open the silver bag beside the fireplace. Look around the room and exit. Enter the main bedroom on the left with the single door. Check the small mirror on the drawer in the right. Click the small mirror on the right to check the painting. Open all the drawers near the bed.

Check the broken clock in the upper right drawer. Check all drawers and paining on the wall and then exit the room. Enter the gallery with double doors across the main bedroom. Check the lion claw necklace immediately to the right of the door. Look the masks and art on the wall. Exit the room and go to the bathroom with stained glass windows beside the stairs. Open the all drawers under the washbasin. Take the RAG in the middle drawer at the bottom. Exit the bathroom. Take the stairs to the next floor above this one.

There are two doors that you can open. Enter the right door to go to under construction bathroom. Look down in the right corner of the room at the pile of bricks. Turn around and exit the room with the door the left. The opposite door from the one you came in. Look closer at the stove in the right side of the room. Back in the main hall, the other door beside the stairs to the attic is locked. Move to the work room past the wooden stairs. Take a look at all of the junk in this area, but there is nothing else to do here at this time.

Climb the stone spiral staircase. Return to the hall and climb the wooden stairs to go to the attic. Open the door to the attic. Take look the gramophone in the right corner by the door. Open the chest under the window. Get the LAMP and see the pictures nearby it 1. Check the pile of newspaper beside the chest for information. You will be coming back to these newspapers when you have dates to research.

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  5. Turn around and zoom in the music box in the left corner of the room. Open the music box. Place the glass flower in the hole by clicking on it. Turn the key on the right. The flower will turn and you will hear some music. Exit the room and return back to the ground floor. Return to the reception room where the phone is. Call Jerry to ask about the electricity. Call Barbara twice. Go out to the front gate where you started the game. Click on the mail box and read the letter from the electrician.

    Return to the reception room in the house. Call Jerry again. He will ask Michel to get some candles. If you have all the inventory items that we have mentioned so far, you can call Jerry again. Call Jerry again and then leave the house. Go to your car near the front gate. Return to the house and call Jerry again.

    Learn about the murder and Jane Blackwood in May Return upstairs and go to the attic. Click on the pile of newspapers. Automatically, one article about the murder in May will show up. Return to the guest bedroom and click on the bed to go to sleep. When you have nightmare, you have to exit room and enter the gallery. Turn around to the left and see the door with some boards. Click the fireplace in the room to investigate it further. Exit the room and go downstairs to the living room.

    You will see the noise is come from below the fireplace. Move to the kitchen. Return to the guest bedroom and click on the bed to go back to sleep. Click the crystal ball to reveal a safe behind the painting 1. Go downstairs and answer the phone if it is ringing, if not call Jerry and ask him about the combination to the safe. He tells you the combination to the save is 3, 2, and Return upstairs to the master bedroom and click on the safe to input the combination.

    Exit the bedroom and go down to the end of the hall and walk upstairs to the second floor. Walk past the stairs the go to the attic — towards the spiral stair case in the back — and look at the door to the left, underneath the wooden stairs to the attic. If you click on the doorknob it will tell you there is a key still in the key hole. Use the PICK on the keyhole of the door to knock out the key 3.

    Go through the door. Through the door will be a room full of paintings and construction materials. To the right of the room is a table, to the right of the large easel. Move closer to this table. On the left of the table is a set of blueprints for the building click on them and click on every room noted in the blueprints to see what the room is 1.

    Collect it as well 4. Exit the room to the left, going through the door to the right of the one you came in. Climb the ladder in the next room. At the top of the ladder will be some cans of oil. Use the RAG on the dusty can circled in blue to find out it is filled with kerosene. Back out of the scene on top of the ladder once and you will see a rope at the top of the screen. Back out of the ladder and look on the floor to collect the ROPE 2. Leave this room through the door to the left of the ladder in order to open that door up for future use.

    Return to the first floor, to the area to the left of the door to the master bedroom.

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    Go upstairs again, past the door to the attic and up the spiral staircase in the corner. Open the first window and look outside, you will see the roof of the building but no way to get down. Go to the top of the spiral staircase. Use the ROPE on the lantern above the crack in the wall 1. Click the rope coiled on the floor to put the rope through the hole you just made 3.

    The Aggie Authors thread

    Go back to the first window. You will have to go to the bottom of the stairs and come back up. In the top right corner of the window you will be able to see the rope. Click it to move it to the middle of the screen 4. Climb down the rope 4 times to get to the secret room. Click on the window to open it and click again to enter the secret room.

    Now that you are in the secret room, look around at all the various objects in the room: the blocks, rocking-horse, brick wall, picture on the dresser and angel on the wall. Note that the blocks have letters as well as numbers on them. This will be used in a puzzle later. Open the dresser and click on the birth certificate circled in yellow in the screenshot.

    Note the date in the birth certificate — August 7th, — and that the name of the child has been scratched out. The room obviously used to be a nursery.

    The Email Murder by Mark S. Wellington

    Leave through the window and go back to the second floor. Go back to the attic, but going up the wooden stairs on the second floor and find the pile of newspapers. When you click on the pile this time, there will be two dates to choose from. Click on to look for information about the child.

    Return to the gallery on the first floor. It is the room with the two large blue doors, across from the master bedroom where you found the safe. In the back left corner of the room is a large case with two elephant tusks in it. Click on it to move forward and then examine the bottom of it. Click your knife on the bottom board of the case to remove it 1.

    Click the handle to move the case out of the way and find a boarded up door. Once in the secret room you will need to have a light source. After turning on the light investigate everything in the room, including the mask in the middle and the dark corner to the left. Click the wood pieces in front of the window to the right to remove them and put some light on the corner of the room 3. Read the documents in the previously dark area 4. Go back to the guest bedroom and work on the typewriter. Click the paper to the right of the typewriter to start working.

    Leave the bedroom and go back downstairs to call Jerry. After all of this, go back up to the guest bedroom and go to sleep. Go to the Gallery and enter the boarded up room, the mask will be gone. Exit the room and the mask will be waiting for you in the gallery and you will then awake from the nightmare. Go to the gallery to check to see if the mask really moved. Go down to the cellar to search for the source of the sound. Go down to the kitchen at ground level and take the small door to the right to enter the cellar.

    Go down the stairs into the cellar and click on the furnace.

    Scratches: The Director’s Cut Walkthrough

    Click on it again to enter the furnace and travel all the way to the end 3. You will see what you think is a person through a grate that is past the hole at the end of the tunnel. Exit the furnace and hear the mysterious sound again and return to the kitchen. Go back to bed. Monday, October 14th Wake up and go downstairs, you will notice that the house is a lot colder. Go downstairs to the main floor and find the fireplace in the room to the opposite side of door to the outside.

    Walk over to the phone and call Jerry again. He will say he is coming to the house to pick you up. Leave the house through the front door and continue towards the front gate, turning left to go to the garage. On the inside of the garage you will see a bicycle to the left. Clicking on the pedals will generate electricity and power the light on the bike. On the right side is a spooky old truck. Towards the back of the shop is a bench with tools all over it. Click on the bench to get a closer look. Click on the tool box to look inside 1.

    Back out of the tool bench scene and look to the right. Return to the manor and go up the stairs beside the door. In the master bedroom, to the left of the painting with the safe behind it, there is a small mirror on a bureau in front of a large round mirror. Exit the master bedroom and go through the hall to the stairs. Take the stairs to the bottom floor and go to the kitchen. Exit the house from the kitchen side and continue forward until you make it to the crypt. Inside the crypt, go all the way to the back of the room, on the right and click on the two caskets to search inside them 2. admin